Kosei Shokudo
(the Welfare Restaurant) in Gunkanjima
(A photo from circa 1960)
(The tableware at that time)
Kosei Shokudo’s owner, Mr. Yoshiteru Kimoto 5,000 Gunkanjima islanders had loved Kosei Shokudo.
It has been more than 50 years since Kosei Shokudo’s Taichi san became Taichi chan of Taichi Sushi in the city of Nagasaki.
Every night, people gather at Taichi Sushi not only for specially selected toppings and taste, but also for a witty talk by Taichi chan who loves Gunkanjima. The restaurant is full of laughter and vigor.
Taichi Kimoto, who inherited the blood trained hard to be a sushi master and opened Taichi Sushi in the city of Nagasaki in 1967.
After opening Taichi Sushi, Mr. Kimoto (Taichi) had acted vigorously to let Gunkanjima be registered as one of World Heritage Sites.
Taichi Sushi gives the customers “Information of Gunkanjima at the Sushi Counter” as one of promotional activities of the island. It is a specialty of Taichi Sushi, not in other sushi restaurants.

TAICHI's Activities

Taichi’s activities for registering Gunkanjima as a World Heritage and the conservation of the island.

Being registered as a World Heritage
(July 5, 2015)
Gunkannjima was registered as a “cultural heritage” for its enormous dedication to the modernization of Japan.
Taichi had acted as a key role in this movement.
From now on, it is important for us to promote Gunkanjima to the world as a World Heritage site, as well as to conserve it.